Sponsor a poppy in Ravenfield

Sponsor a poppy in Ravenfield

Royal Legion


Sponsoring a poppy

Poppies are now avalible to sponsor, minimum donation of £5.00 per poppy. We have 110 poppies to be displayed along Braithwell Road, Hollings Lane, Moor Lane North and Moor Lane South.

Sponsors will be invited to leave a message of remembrance which will be displayed in the Parish Hall, on the Parish notice boards, Ravenfield Parish Council webpage and Facebook page.

All proceeds of the poppy sales will be given to the Royal British Legion.

For more information, or to obtain a sponsorshp form, please contac the Clerk on 07462 468050, by email:ravenfieldparishcouncil@yahoo.com or visit www.ravenfieldparishcouncil.gov.uk

Sponsorship forms to be submitted by 3rd November 2023

Poppy sponsor form